Mini Heli can’t hoover, drifts forward or backward

It happens that your mini helicopter can’t hover in one place in the air. Instead the helicopter moves slow or faster forward or backward. In most cases this is caused by an imbalance. The cockpit is too heavy or light and the center of gravity is not in place and the main rotors don’t blow directly downwards. Toy mini helicopters often show this out-of-box.
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Toilet Bowl Effect

When the helicopter is flying a circle without input from the transmitter and without changing the direction of the cockpit, you experience the so-called “Toilet bowl effect”. Continue reading

USB charging your mini helicopter

There are different kind of usb charging cables available. First they differ in 2 pin molex (e.g. Phantom 6010, Amewi Firestrom, …)

2pin molex plug

2pin molex plug

and the round clinker (e.g. Zoopa 150, MJX T38 [MJX 638], MJX T20 [MJX 620]) variation.

clinker plug

round clinker plug

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