Advanced Single Blade Mini Helicopters 2012

Robbe - Nano Arrow

more: Robbe – Nano Arrow

Robbe – Nano Arrow

From my point of view one of the best mini-sized helicopters. The package includes a switchable (mode1 & 2) controller, spare blades, 2 LiPo accus, charging station and power adapter. The sensitivity of the servos is switchable – so it is possible to fly in- and outdoors. The Nano Arrow hovers stable and it is a precise maneuverable helicopter. Flighttime is about 7 mins.
The model seems to be identical with the Nine Eagles Solo Pro.

e-flite Blade mSR X AS3X

more: e-flite Blade mSR X AS3X

e-flite Blade mSR X AS3X

My personal favorite, but more expensive than other mini helicopters. You should know, that you want to spent more time with this hobby. The model has a new stabilization system and comes without flybar. The helicopter comes with some spare parts, controller, charger, dvd with repair instructions video. It hovers stable – you will not miss the flybar šŸ˜‰ The helicopter has a strong tail rotor, but performs pirouettes slower than the Blade mSR. What a pity the flight time is short: 5 mins.

Walkera Genius CP 3D

more: Walkera Genius CP 3D

Walkera Genius CP 3D

This helicopter is on my list to try. It seems a very stable flying collective pitch single blade. The Genius CP is reported as nearly undestroyable and precise flying model. It is able to do aerobatics. The Walkera is the answer to the Blade mSR X. But it is more expensive, too. You should know that mini-helicopters are your passion when you buy it…


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